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GlobalCollect continues its successful path of Customer Advocacy with leading industry event: perspectives’12 in Madrid
Over 150 top worldwide eCommerce leaders and leading keynote speakers focused on ‘Connected Futures’ with GlobalCollect, the world's premier payment service provider of local e-payments

This year, GlobalCollect’s much anticipated perspectives conference took place from 18th to 20th April (included), in Madrid, Spain. Keynote and merchant speakers from all over the world joined perspectives’12 to share insights, trends and predictions on ‘Connected Futures’.

Perspectives’12: Connected Futures
The conference, which is organized every two years, is designed exclusively for top eCommerce participants from around the world who are from both established and new high growth companies. Perspectives’12 was dedicated to international online payment and eCommerce trends. Leading speakers on mCommerce, tvCommerce, Social Media and Marketing also contributed to this years’ theme ‘Connected Futures’. Their presentations endorsed the key ‘take aways’ of perspectives’12: Customer Advocacy, Mobile Commerce, Social Networking and Business Intelligence to improve conversion.
John Snoek, Global VP Marketing of GlobalCollect says: “Since its inception in 2008, perspectives has evolved into a highly valued platform for leading eCommerce companies to network as well as share ideas, best practices and insights. Typically at perspectives participants fill the majority of the conference speakers agenda to discuss and present a host of current and future topics”. With over 150 decision makers of 120 leading eCommerce companies from across the globe, the event was fully booked with attendees like Financial Times Ltd., Google, Prada, Swarovski Crystal Online AG, Wikipedia Foundation, KLM, Hilton Worldwide, Twitter, Emirates, and Universal Music France, to name but a few.


GlobalCollect welcomed a host of speakers in Madrid from all regions and key verticals, such as travel, digital goods, telecom and retail. The Keynote speaker of perspectives’12 was mobile futurist and management consultant Patrick Dixon, accompanied by moderator and plenary speaker Patrick Renvoise, co-Founder and Chief Neuromarketing Officer of SalesBrain. Other plenary speakers were Richard Kastelein who spoke about multiplatform apps; ‘How TV and tablets will connect and interact to enable purchasing’, and Zack Exley of Wikimedia who elaborated on ‘The Global Tip Jar: Powering the Wikipedia on the world's spare change’.
Closing speaker was Forrester’s Jonathan Browne on ‘The Age of the Customer’ and how social media is changing the customer experience.
Topics and Workshops
Next to the presentations from futurists and thought leaders, attendees enjoyed also workshop session from eCommerce merchants during the conference. They presented best practice cases studies to fellow merchants, network face-to-face, and have lively peer discussions during numerous themed workshops and panels, such as, of course, about payments and fraud prevention. Perspectives’12 proudly presented merchant speakers from Skype (From cost center to net contributor), Rosetta Stone (Speak the language of fraudsters), Playjam (Connected TV - A viable gaming platform), Prada (Best practices in selling luxury goods online), KLM (The value of alternative payment options for the airline industry) and Cupid Media (Trends and strategies in Asia Pacific), amongst others. To complete the event, GlobalCollect also welcomed a selection of providers of payment services, such as MasterCard, the main sponsor of perspectives’12, and Alipay and Vindicia who informed participants about the trends and pitfalls in their respective markets. GlobalCollect’s General Managers from all regional offices shared their knowledge and talked about developments, trends and challenges in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America.

Other topics that have been discussed by and between merchants were:
• Emerging payment trends for eCommerce in the US
• How to use data analytics to increase conversion  and reduce fraud
• The convergence of screens: tvCommerce and second screen technology
• Strategies and best practices for fraud prevention
• Expansion in Latin America: what are the trampolines and the tripwires?
• Online community building: to help increase your sales

Launch on Charity project Footprints

Together with merchant World Nomads, GlobalCollect launched a charity project ‘Footprints’ during the event. GlobalCollect asked the perspectives’12 community to raise an amount of at least € 25,000 to fund the SMS Health project in Vanuatu. To raise the amount a sponsored bike ride London to Amsterdam will be organized. which will take place end of June, all partners hope to keep on raising money for Footprints. Multiple participants have volunteered to be part of the team riding from London to Amsterdam. Here too, one became more connected now and for the future.

The Connected Futures of GlobalCollect

Beyond payments
Tom Staudt, CEO  of GlobalCollect: “GlobalCollect’s strategy is to go beyond being a payment provider.  Our aim is to provide more and more payment advise and expertise to our clients and to-be clients by helping them to understand the market, trends, payments, e-commerce, functionality, fraud and revenue generation. Perspectives’12 was in regards to that a success as we helped more than 150 e-commerce specialist and trendsetters to exchange best practices and discuss opportunities going forward.  Perspectives is an event for merchants, run and managed by merchants.  GlobalCollect is merely a platform to allow that exciting exchange of successes and growth of business”.

John Snoek, Global VP of Marketing adds: “GlobalCollect has further extended its consulting capabilities by appointing vertical Global Market Directors and launching a professional services department. In order to further improve our current services and help shape future innovations, in September 2011 GlobalCollect established its Global Customer Advisory Board (GCAB), which is truly unique in the industry”. The Customer Advisory Board consists of leading eCommerce companies from all regions and key industries.
Market approach: Regional and Vertical
By having regional offices in the US, Latin America and Asia Pacific staffed with local people, GlobalCollect continues to invest in local market knowledge. This strategy benefits both customers that are based in the region, and also customers that wish to enter new markets. GlobalCollect has appointed Global Market Directors in Travel, Retail and Digital Goods:  eCommerce and online payments experts within their vertical. Koen Vanpraet, Chief Commercial Officer of GlobalCollect observes: “The main task is to develop and execute the vertical strategies and drive business via consultancy and a customer driven approach”. The Global Market Directors were also present at perspectives’12 to share their knowledge and views on developments, trends and challenges in their respective specialized areas.
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