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In this video Tom Staudt, CEO GlobalCollect, would like to welcome you to the perspectives '12 conference in Madrid. Tom also shares why he is excited about our industry's leading event.

Meet GlobalCollect`s CCO Koen Vanpraet and hear what he has to say about the importance of Customer Advocacy which he will be presenting at perspectives 2012.

Meet GlobalCollect`s CTO Peter Knight and hear what he has to say about perspectives '12.


Stephen Buechner is GlobalCollect’s SCRO and the newest member of the Executive Team. He is looking forward to meeting you all at the perspectives ’12 event and to discussing the challenges we are all facing in our industry around Fraud & Risk management


Kesh Talwar GlobalCollect's Executive Vice President Payment Partnerships and Process Excellence would like to introduce himself to you. He will inform you about our latest acquisition in Argentina and talk about the different banking and payment options around the globe.


One of our key perspectives ’12 speakers, Richard Kastelein, would like to introduce himself to you. Check out this video message and find out what he will be talking about at the event.

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We would like to welcome you to the perspectives'12 conference in Madrid
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-The Golden Triangle
-Real Madrid 
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- Ace Call Ltd
- Aeromexico
- Alipay
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perspectives'12 in pictures
perspectives'12 in pictures